How good thoughts can impact on your lifeā€¦

Posted on 23-07-2019 10:05 By Divya Jain Bansal

If I imagine about badness then nothing is bad in this world. Whole universe is made from goodness.  Purity,  happiness, spirituality, brotherhood, peace, love and harmony. Have you ever heard story of Allaadin in your childhood days? Have you remember  the story? The story about goodness, it happens when you thought about good , good thing happens. The lamp is no other than your thoughts. Basically what we think, it happened in the universe . This is the universal law. No one can change this. We have every thing . But our bad thoughts only separate good things from us. That’s the problem with we all . If it is so, then why should we start our life with good  thoughts. Remember you are the master of your mind, no body can steal your divinity within yourself. Try these things in your daily life and surely you will see a drastic change in your life. If you really want that happiness become your forever, sure do these things.

 Make a routine of pamper yourself with divine dance  : Yes, you hear right im talking about dance .Dance filled with joy ,divinity, happiness and surely good thoughts. You can add prayer in this session. First in the morning or any time as you are free or get time ; sorry to say a man has no time for his owns.  He makes false excuses that im busy but he can do good things or thought for good anywhere, anyplace and  anytime. No other can stop to do this. If  you have a strong determination you can do anything. In our school days our principal take a session of yoga meditation aerobics music. Why? for rejuvenate the staff and you can say for make our day happy .because happiness is inside you, within you and one can say you are  source of happiness as sun is the source of energy.

Think positively : Let I give you example for this . suppose your salary is not transfer in your account by your employer or company . You become worried that it is 8 evening of new month but no salary . now its 12 eve comes but till now salary not credited. You simply think negative about boss, company, organization. But you can think this situation in positive way too. like it is good that salary come late as it come on time I will spend it early . But one more week  has gone and money is save in my account. I can spend it slowly , patiently or by quick-witted,  no wastage in this time.

Prayer : Mangal maître for all. One shlok is there : sabka mangal hoye re. jal thal sabhi praniyo ka mangal hoye re .Success is not only achieve something it is art of forgiving too. Prayer is the emotion and mild feeling for whole universe. Be grateful what God has given to you. You are born blissful. Thank to God for eternal bliss. Thank to god what you have; food , house ,clothes ,breath. Don’t be so busy in world race.Be calm sit close your eyes and take a long breathe, look inside be grateful.This is the art of living life perfectly.

In last but not least you are wonderful. be acquainted with yourself. Love yourself first than you can give love to your wife and kid. Start from self. Not saying to become selfish. Saying for giving time to self . two words but great meaning itself.